From April 2010 – Novell Hungary PSH Inc.

SUSE Linux System and Security Engineer
  • Projects: support, scheduling, consultancy, trainings, advisor, documentation, operation, low level designing
  • Software Design: technical advices, keep contact with customers
  • SUSE mainframe-, virtualizations (XEN, KVM), container and cluster technologies (HAE), manage servers, operate, designing
  • Cloud technologies Kubernetes (k8s, SUSE CaaSP, Rancher), docker, cri-o, registry, ingress

  • Automation AutoYast, SUSE Manager, Salt

  • Software Define Storage: Ceph, SES

  • Micro Focus solutions: eDirectory, Collaboration, Mail, File sharing, monitoruser access, report security issues
  • NetIQ SIEM Log management, Privileged Account Management, real-time monitoring

  • Services: LA/EMP, pache2, nginx, php-fpm, tomcat, postfix, clamav, firewall, vpn, proxy, network, LDAP, icinga2, nagios xi, haproxy, ldirectord, crm
  • Application servers: web, mail, firewall, vpn, proxy, network, directory
  • Databases: mysql, mariadb, postgresql, sqlite, mongodb

  • Script languages: bash, expetc, python, perl, regexp, php

  • Config management: Yaml, xml, sls

From February 2007 – To April 2010 - ISYS-ON Information Consulting Ltd.

Support Engineer
  • SUSE Linux server applications: apache2, tomcat, ftp, postfix, iptables, mysql, zope, postgresql, vmware
  • IBM AIX 5.3 servers – System administartor

  • MFG/PRO Enterprise Applications (ERP)

  • Progress/OpenEdge relational databases

  • Microsoft Server, Exchange, Active Directory, SQL, CRM, Windows