Work portfolio 2007 - 2010>

February 2007 – April 2010

ISYS-ON Informatics Consulting Inc.
Unix/Linux and Support Engineer

I started my first job as an intern in February 2007 and I became a full-time employee in September. I received the IT Support Engineer position. I operated the local systems, like Microsoft Windows Desktops, printers, networks, and I kept contact with our partners.

Implementations, operations, trainings

Operational tasks in MFG/PRO (ERP) system and with PROGRESS relation databases (runs on SUSE Linux Ent. or IBM AIX Unix) such as monitoring the service status, checking the backups and summing up customers’ development demands. I operated SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9, 10, 11.
I worked with Microsoft Servers 2003 (managed domain controller, mail service and network shares) and learned the entire scope of domain policies.
I implemented the VMware ESXi (4.0) products in the local infrastucture and prepared production and test environment, too.
I managed to operate McAfee antivirus product in the local enterprise environment, created rules and treated the virus alerts.

Disaster Recovery and Backup strategies

It was one of my most exciting jobs to handle ’server crash’ issues that emerged from hardware problems. After i created DRP plans i taught it for customers to how cope with such critical events and what they should do in similar situation next time. I implemented cluster solution on the customer side.

Support, relationships with partners

I supported our products, kept online and personal contact with our customers. It was part of my daily job to keep contact with the hardwere and software suppliers like HP, IBM, QAD.