Work portfolio 2010 - at present>
Novell PSH Inc.

I started my job at Novell PSH Inc. in April 2010 as a Linux System Engineer. I work with customers and operate with Novell, SUSE and Open Source products. The main tasks are: implement solutions, operate server, solve problems, communicate and give advices to our customers.

June 2018 - at present

SUSE Engineer

June 2017 - June 2018

Security Engineer

Implement security solutions that are based on NetIQ. Perform tasks on the customer side (define tasks, system design, implementation, track feature request and bugs).

SIEM systems (Sentinel)

Security Event and Information Manager system with NetIQ Log Sentinel. Participate in projects and implement solution to the customer.

Privileged Account Management (NPAM)

Manage administrators and users in their environment with NetIQ Privileged Account Manager (auditing). Design and implement policy and rules to the customers.

  • - Support projects-, custom tasks on the customer side

  • - Manage Security Events

  • - Customer consultation and support

  • Software Design
  • - Manage tickets (feature requests, bugs and tracking)

  • - Communication with engineers and developers

  • - Design new features and functions, make specification and testing

  • July 2014 - June 2017

    Linux engineer and Team leader

    We designed complete system solutions for approximately 50.000 users which are based on Micro Focus and SUSE products.

    System designing
    • - Make System Design and Concept Documentations

    • - Make Operation Documentations

    MICRO FOCUS products
    • - We designed eDirectory system for approximately 50.000 users

    • - We designed, installed and operate it with Open Enterprise Server (The main services: DHCP, DNS, eDirectory, FTP, NSS, backup/restore)
    • - Emails, calendars and task management system with with Groupwise

    • - Manage the admin users with (NetIQ) PAM (Privileged Account Manager) which can control and monitor privileged account access and make security reports
    • - Collaboration solution with Vibe

    • - Share and access files over the Internet with Filr

    SUSE products
    • - SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 and the latest SUSE Linux technology based on 12 with all available services that we needed (Apache2, postfix, iscsi, loadbalancing, sql, firewall)

    • - Operate KVM virtualization with High Avalability Extension (SUSE HAE)

    • - Manage servers with SUSE Manager

    • - Designed and built a custom SUSE Linux Desktop distribution for thousands of users

    • - Build environment with SUSE Studio (Onsite)

    • - Build RPM packages in Open Build Service

    • - Manage SUSE Repository with SMT

    • - Automatically install serevers with AutoYaST

    Open Source solutions
    • - Main services have been designed based on Open Source solutions as the customer's expectation
    • - Email filtering system with endpoint protection (spam and virus scanner)
    • - Apache2 is working as a Reverse Proxy and Virtual domains

    • - Operate Tomcat applications

    • - SQL: MySQL, PostgreSQL

    • - Systems are running in a secure environment and we are doing time-to-time checks on them

    • - Monitoring with Icinga and Icinga2

    • - Ticketing systems

    • - SuSEfirewall
    HP and SUSE technologies
    • - HP ProLiant Blade

    • - Manage HP MSA 2040 SAN

    • - HP ProLiant servers
    • - Using KVM virtualization with clustered solution based on HP Blade and MSA hardwares

    Audit and log analyzing

    I recognize the potentional security problems and patch them, keep the systems up-to-date. I follow software problems, research vulnerabilities and analyze logs.

    Support and contact
    • - Contact with our customers and make an advice for them

    • - Implement ticketing system

    • - I report problems and open new issues about the possible bugs to the development team

    • - I support and coach new colleagues so they can improve themselves

    April 2012 – July 2014

    SUSE és Open Source Linux Engineer
    Open Source ticketing system

    The OTRS ITSM is an open source fundamental solution for IT Service Management in different organizations. I had to learn the program, implement and teach it to the customer. The final solution was made by customers unique needs.

    HUEDU project

    The HUEDU project was relaunched on 1 September 2012. We were working on better solutions for problems and issues that emerged in the daily activities of schools. We developed a custom Linux distribution based on OpenSUSE. We only used Open Source softwares in the project.
    Development tasks: We created huedu openLAB website in order to give permission to different user groups (students, teachers and admins). This is based on html, php and css program languages. We created some extra web functions for which we used java and jsp languages.
    Services and Applications: DHCP/DNS, Cups, Samba, Tomcat, Apache2, Mysql, Mariadb, PostgreSql, openLDAP, postfix, MailScanner (clamav, spamassign, cyrus imap), Squid, squidguard, SuSEfirewall, iptables, OpenVPN, Quota kezelés, Kiwi, Roundcube, Ilias E-learning, OCS Inventory NG, Webmin

    Translation projects

    I translated Open Source softwares from their original languages to Hungarian:

    April 2010 – April 2012

    SUSE and Novell Engineer
    VDI system

    I migrated the desktop environment to VDI (Virtual Bridge) solution. I also organized a team whose job was to test the software environment and report the results to the customers.

    Cloud, Virtualization, Clustering

    I managed to operate SUSE Linux Enterprise Servers in XEN virtualization with High Availability Extensions. My tasks were to implement and operate the technology and make a performance tunning plan and solve the issues. I migrated the outdated physical servers to this new environment.
    Cluster solutions: virtual servers (XEN) and software (Oracle, apache2, etc..) clustering

    Backups and troubleshooting

    I created and offered backup and disaster recovery plans for our customers. The core services must operate by cluster or mirror solutions. In case of errors i suggested system improvements.

    Security, log analysis, statistics
    • - Linux firewall configurations: SUSEfirewall and iptables rules
    • - Harden solutions: Intruder Detection System (IDS), Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment (AIDE), Novell Apparmor
    • - Network security: seccheck

    • - Network analysis: tcpdump, Wireshark

    • - Log analysis: logwatch

    • - Remote syslog server

    • - Statistics of web servers: awstat

    I monitored the entire IT infrastructure by nagios. I made some unique checks and alerts which detect the problem before it arises and react immediately avoiding the service to stop. With the help of this system the customers can minimize or abolish the downtimes.

    Linux distributions

    I supported customers’ Linux systems like SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9, 10, 11, Novell Open Enterprise Server, RedHat 5 és 6, Ubuntu, Debian, és CentOS Linux and gave advice for administrator 'how to operate the services' without unplanned downtimes.

    Custom Desktop Linux distribution

    I created custom Linux distribution based on openSUSE with many Open Source softwares. The object of the project was to change the old system to the new one which uses Open Source products, so they can reduce the customers cost.